A sports program is offered by St. Charles School for both boys and girls in grades Kindergarten - 8th grade.  Each student participating in the program shall present to the school proper forms which are available from the coach or at the School Office. PRIOR TO THE FIRST PRACTICE the following forms need to be completed and submitted to the coach:

  1. Diocesan Parental Permission Form. Use Diocese website-see policy.

  2. Physical Exam Form

  3. Player participation fees

  4. Student Athlete Parent Code of Conduct.

  5. Concussion Form

The Principal of St. Charles School is responsible for ensuring that the athletic program is consistent with the philosophy and goals of St. Charles School and the Diocese of Spokane.

Philosophy and Objectives

St. Charles School believes that all forms of student activities should contribute to the balanced and integrated development of the total person. We believe that a competitive sports program which emphasizes improving skills and the pursuit of excellence is essential to enjoyable competition.

Furthermore, it has been studied and verified that these sports activities do, in fact, accomplish the objectives outlined below and contribute to the overall development of the student athlete. It has also been indicated that students involved in sports tend to excel in school and avoid activities that lead to the detriment of their healthy development.

The ultimate objective is to create an athletic program, in which we will provide a spiritual atmosphere that encourages total development in our student athletes:

  1. Increased sense of accomplishment and self-esteem;

  2. Self-confidence and self-control through association with teammates and opponents in a       competitive environment, promoting positive discipline and following school regulations;

  3. Sportsmanship that reflects the moral code of our school community;

  4. Development in physical skills, conditioning, and the formation of good overall health;

  5. Leadership skills;

  6. Social development that, through behavior, demonstrates respect for teammates,coaches, parents, officials, fans, property, and Saint Charles School; and

  7. Teaching the fundamentals of each sport, team concepts, and rules of the game.

All sporting activities will take place in a spiritual atmosphere of Christian growth and development.