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Eighth Grade

St. Charles' eighth grade focuses on providing the skills and knowledge needed by students to ensure their success in high school. As there is a big difference between how elementary and high school classes are taught, our students need to be able to take responsibility for their learning, turn in work completed and on time, check grades online, use a locker to stay organized, and switch classrooms between subjects in order to have a smooth transition to high school. We also offer our students the option of choosing between choir and band, as they will need to pick many of their own classes in high school. With the new state legislature increasing high school credit requirements (CORE 24), we strive to make sure our students have the necessary foundational knowledge needed to achieve the more stringent standards.

Eighth Grade Curriculum

Religion: As a Catholic School, we believe spiritual growth is just as important as academic growth in our students. This year focuses on an in-depth study of God's commandments and how to practice them in our daily lives. Specifically, we study the Ten Commandments, the Great Commandment, and the Beatitudes. However, as St. James noted, "faith without works is dead." Thus we teach our students how to actively incorporate these lessons in their lives through community service, Living Stations of the Cross during Lent, leading the recitation of the Rosary, participating in Mass, and conducting Advent prayer services.

Math: At St. Charles, we are committed to preparing students for high school math. Therefore, we offer two options for eighth grade math at St. Charles: eighth grade pre-algebra and high school algebra. Both classes will equally prepare our students for high school math by focusing on our students' individual areas of need. Our differentiated class system also offers added benefits to our students, as these class sizes are much smaller.

Science: This course focuses on physical science from the smallest building blocks of the universe like atoms and elements to larger forms of matter. Along the way, we will explore energy, gravity, and machines with hands-on experiments that allow our students to personally experience abstract concepts and ideas. We will also integrate other academic subjects along the way, especially math as it is language in which science is written.

U S History: At the start of the year, we review the events leading up to and comprising the American Revolution. We then focus on interpreting the Declaration of Independence and examining the constitution in detail, before proceeding through the first century of the American people and government, finishing with a focus on the Civil war and reconstruction era. Students show their learning through class discussions, essays, quizzes and presentations. By the end of the year, students will have a better understanding of the history and complexity of American politics, and a clearer picture of the events that led to where we are today!

Health and Fitness: Our goal in this class is to make sure all students are staying physically active and working to maintain their health. Twice a week, we will meet in the field or the gym to participate in sports or workout routines. Every week, each student is also required to log two hours of exercise outside of school.

Language Arts and Literature: In this class we examine literary themes and informational text, in order to relate what we read to what is going on in the world. We will read novels examining the author's backgrounds and the themes they mean to convey. Additional units will cover drama, mythology and persuasive writing. We use the Step Up to Writing curriculum to help the students develop skills in informative, persuasive and narrative writing. Each student will also compose four book reports throughout the year, in the form of essays or presentations. At the end of the year, we plan for each student to graduate with the skills and enthusiasm they will need for writing at the high-school level!