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Seventh Grade

Each day, the Seventh Graders have Language Arts and Social Studies, Science and Pre-Algebra with other teachers in the Middle School team.

Religion: Though we incorporate the Catholic faith into the daily working of our school, in the form of daily prayer and the practice of our values, we meet twice a week to focus on understanding the faith. We discuss such topics as the beatitudes, the works of mercy, the Lord's Prayer, and the mission of living the Gospel. As well as growing in knowledge, we hope to grow spiritually by regularly setting aside time to pray as a class, trying different styles such as scripture study, rosary, and song. To encourage all students to grow as servant-leaders, they are given credit for completing five community service hours each quarter. In this way, we aim to give all students, Catholic or not, a better understanding of the faith!

PE: Our goal in this class is to make sure all students are staying physically active and working to maintain their health. Twice a week, we will meet in the field or the gym to participate in sports or workout routines. Every week, each student is also required to log two hours of exercise outside of school.

Math: Intro to pre-algebra transitions students from elementary math to higher level math from both a knowledge and skill standpoint. On the knowledge end of the course, students are taught ratios, proportions, balancing equations, integers, positive and negative operations, fractions, and geometry. As for skills, students learn how to solve problems more efficiently and orderly than in previous grades, leading to greater accuracy.

Science: Seventh grade covers life science. From the microscopic building blocks of life, like cell and genes, to the vast species of the Five Kingdoms, students study the intricate bonds of life that are unique traits and keep nature in balance. Balance remains a constant theme in the class as we later study ecosystems, biomes, plant growth, and earth cycles. Throughout the course, we will use math and observations to recreate these concepts in real life in a series of hands-on labs.

Social Studies: World History (600 - 1450) & Washington State History

In World History, we survey Europe, Africa and Asia from the dark ages up to the time of the renaissance. We discuss the ways in which geography, government and economic interactions all set the stage for the world of more modern history. Students show their learning through class discussions, essays, quizzes and presentations.

In Washington State History, we examine the story of the people who have lived in our state, beginning with native tribes and continuing with explorers and settlers. Each draws a map of Washington to become familiar with its geography. In the last weeks of the class, we discuss the way state and Tribal governments are run today.

Language Arts: In this class we examine themes in literature, always asking the question, "What is the author trying to say to the reader? " We will read a variety of novels as well as a script for a stage play. In addition, we will read several other short literary works, in units focusing on science fiction, survival, and poetry. We will use the recently-adopted "Step up to Writing" curriculum to help the students develop skills in writing informative, persuasive and narrative essays. Each student will also compose four book reports throughout the year, in the form of essays or presentations. Our hope is that the students will finish this year with an enthusiasm for reading and writing on themes that pique their interest!

Students will also participate in band or music and S.V.L.(Spokane Virtual Learning)math twice a week. A Spanish class is also available through S.V.L. for those students who are interested.