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Sixth Grade

Sixth grade is further preparation for junior high and high school. Greater expectations are placed on the students for the upper grades with regards to work, accountability, and responsibility. It is my goal to prepare and practice these goals with your child by teaching not only the academic subjects but also processes and techniques associated with these goals.

We help students become aware of the importance in fostering and cultivating a relationship with God and the Catholic faith. Students are entering a stage in their lives where their view of the world and God is expanding as they begin the path towards adolescents and then eventually into adulthood. A relationship with Jesus Christ is not just an academic subject we will pursue, but more importantly a spiritual journey we will undertake.


Throughout the year we will be covering multiple subjects which includes Math (Pre-Algebra), Earth Science, Ancient Civilizations, Language Arts and Religion. Students will find that many if not all of the subjects connect with each other in some form or another.

Skills such as reading, writing, speaking and listening will be assessed throughout the various subjects. Assessments will be made meaningful and only assigned when needed. I encourage all parents to take an active role in their child's education as well as their spiritual growth. Adjustments to the curriculum will be made to suit the needs of the student(s).