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Fifth Grade

The fifth grade class at St. Charles School is a safe, caring, and engaging learning environment that seeks to inspire the mind, nurture the spirit, and develop each student through education, faith, and service. We learn a lot throughout the year whether it's through hands on science experiments, modeling and using manipulatives in math, or creating projects and reports for English Language Arts. Here are just a few examples of what we learn in each subject.

Math: Fifth grade math at St. Charles focuses on three main units of study including fluency with whole numbers and decimals, operations with fractions, and geometry and measurement. Students work through each of these units with notes, modeling, and plenty of practice both in class and out.

English Language Arts: In fifth grade students learn all about grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and writing. Some fun and interesting projects and papers students will work on throughout the year are opinion papers, animal reports, personal narratives, and reading class books with comprehension questions.

Science: Science at St. Charles is all about being hands on! In fifth grade we learn about living systems, interactions in nature, processes that change Earth, our solar system and space, the building blocks of matter, and forms of energy. Throughout the year we do many different experiments to model these science concepts, such as: modeling osmosis and diffusion with eggs, setting up a model water cycle with common household items, observing what pollution can do to plant life, and more.

Social Studies: Social Studies in the fifth grade is all about early American history. We discuss early explorers, colonies and settlements, trade routes around the world, the Old World and the New World, British rule, the road to independence, the Revolutionary War, and how our country is governed. Throughout the year we have different projects and reports on colonies/settlements, explorers, and more.

Religion: Some major topics in religion class for fifth grade include the Liturgy of the Word, the Liturgy of the Hours, the Seven Sacraments, moral formation, and prayer. We spend time in class learning about these concepts, but we also take time every week to attend Mass with our parish, and take time every month to participate in Meals on Wheels.