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Fourth Grade

My style of teaching ranges because of the many different learning styles of students.

We do many group projects, individual work, and lecture type lessons. As 4th graders, we are big kids now! We get to show the younger grades how to act on the playground, at church, and in the hallways. My classroom is a safe place where we can always make mistakes and when we do, we learn from them. We try new things and get out of our comfort zone.

Curriculum Highlights

Religion: This year we are learning all about the 10 commandments and what they mean to 4th graders.
Math: In 4th grade we are getting into problem solving, fractions, division, multiplication, geometry, and decimals.

Reading: Every quarter I challenge each student to get a certain amount of reading counts points depending on their reading level. I challenge the students to read books that they enjoy, but also may be challenging to them. We also have fun ways of learning new vocabulary every week.

Language Arts: We focus on grammar, writing, parts of speech, and sentence structure. Learning to write a full paper (beginning, middle and conclusion) One big writing project that we do is on the book Holes. WE read the book as a class, watch the movie and then write an opinion paper on which they liked better and why.

Social Studies: We learn about the regions of Washington State. We learn about Native Americans and what tribes live in Washington. We make totem poles on our Spirit Animals and hang them in the hallway.

Science: Our main units in Science are the Human Body, Formation of Earth Materials & Fossils, Forces and Motion, and Matter.

We also have Music and PE two times a week.