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Third Grade

The third grade is a very exciting year as your child will be introduced to a variety of new exciting academic challenges. Through reaching these academic tasks each student will begin to mature and accept more responsibilities which will prepare them for the academic rigor of their upcoming intermediate education.

Language Arts: St. Charles School believes that it is very important to reach each child's personal academic goals and help each child to truly reach their potential. In the use of reading groups which meet every week, we can become more aware of the students personal academic needs. Our reading curriculum focuses on reading strategies that improve student's comprehension. Students learn and read about a variety of genres including: folk tales, plays, poems and realistic fiction. Reading groups practice applying reading/comprehension strategies as well as providing an opportunity to practice grammatical skills that are reinforced for the week.

Writing: One exciting first of third grade is learning to write in cursive. The children practice this newly developed skill throughout the year as they write every day. Using our writing curriculum children will practice applying the following writing traits: conventions, word choice, sentence fluency, organization, and voice.

Math: Learning multiplication is a huge step that we achieve in the third grade. We utilize a variety of games, songs, and strategies which help each child to memorize their facts. We also complete units on time, money, geometry, fractions, and measurement.

Science: Science provides a hands-on learning opportunity through engaging and exciting experiments. Throughout the year we study: Earth Science, Chemistry, and Physics. Students love to interact with our world and are eager to learn the concepts provided in our science units.

Social Studies: A bulk of our Social Studies curriculum is working on our geography skills. Third graders enjoy learning about the city of Spokane through our Spokane unit which includes an in-depth study of the Native Americans.

Religion: Religion is not just a subject taught in isolation, but rather is something that is integrated throughout our day. Your children will be asked to resolve conflicts through a constant dialogue which incorporates foundational church doctrine and biblical references. Jesus is the primary teacher of the classroom and we involve Him in our everyday life. We also participate in a variety of community ministries which help the children to apply their faith. However, through our religious curriculum, Faith First, religion is also a key component of our academics as well as working to prepare students for confirmation. The children read and understand the bible and grow to understand our Catholic faith through prayer.

Third grade is a big step in your child's education as there are a lot of new responsibilities and challenges. It is the hope of St. Charles School to make this year a successful year for all students.