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Welcome to Second Grade!

This is a year of great growth for children as they put into practice all that they have learned in First Grade and Kindergarten. But, there are plenty of new things, too- we will learn how to write in cursive, how to regroup when adding and subtracting, and how to write in all forms. What is most exciting, though, is preparing for and receiving the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion.

In reading, we continue to work on building vocabulary, word attack skills, comprehension, and fluency. We are fortunate to have the Scholastic Reading Counts program at St. Charles, and we use it daily to monitor what we are reading and how well we understand it.

In math, we really focus on knowing our addition and subtraction facts with automaticity. Because, by mid-year, we are working on adding up to 4 double-digit numbers together and regrouping while we are at it.

As part of our science curriculum, we learn about matter and its interactions, ecosystems, and systems of the earth.

One of the most fun things we do in second grade is origami. My mom is nice enough to come in periodically to teach the kids. She says that if she learned to do it in second grade, so can they!