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First Grade

Welcome to First Grade! This is a wonderful and exciting year for the students. Not only do we get our very own desks for the first time, but we have nightly homework, keep track of all the teeth we lose, celebrate birthdays, make new friends, learn to read and write, solve all sorts of math problems, develop a good number sense, learn more about our faith, and read many bible stories. We also have P.E. and music twice a week. It is a year of learning, growing, and fun.

Harcourt Brace is the reading series that will be used in class. The reading program covers Phonics, spelling, language experience and grammar in a way that lets me do whole group instruction along with small group instruction for more opportunities to meet the needs of individual students. The children have a very active part in the daily reading and writing lessons by providing words and ideas of their own. They will be introduced to many kinds of reading materials.

My Math is our math curriculum. We will improve our number sense; work on numbers and operations, geometry, data analysis, and measurement.

Religion will be a daily part of the classroom experience. Through daily prayer, religious instruction, bible stories, and attendance of weekly liturgies, the children will learn that the world in which they live is a gift of GOD and that they are called to live in it as JESUS did with mutual love and respect for all. Faith First is the First Grade text.

The focus in social studies is the family and the ways they choose to live and work together.

One of the big highlights in science is learning about life cycles. In the spring, the children can experience the life cycle of the butterfly first hand. They each have their own caterpillar to watch grow. They can see the caterpillar change from a teeny tiny caterpillar, into a chrysalis, and then finally emerge from the chrysalis as a beautiful butterfly. New life!!


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