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Kindergarten at St. Charles is the perfect stepping stone before First Grade! I provide a learning environment that is both fun and academic. We focus not only on how to behave in school, reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and religion, but also the bigger life lessons of how to treat each other.

In Reading and Writing, we have a heavy focus on getting all our letters and sounds down, so we are ready to start sounding out words and reading. We have writing journals that we work on throughout the year so we can show all the progress made over the course of the year. We get to go to the school library once a week to check out books. How to handle books with care is an important skill for Kindergarteners to learn.

In Math, we focus on learning our numbers. This includes counting to 100, by 1's, 5's, and 10's. It also involves putting numbers 1 - 20 in order, as well as using Ten Frames to visibly show numbers up to twenty. We learn "less than", "greater than", and "equal to". Shapes, patterns, word problems, and addition as well as subtraction are also crucial parts of math.

We go on a field trip to a farm in Green Bluff to learn about goods and producers, and pumpkins and apples. We each get to pick a pumpkin at the farm and take it back to school with us, where we investigate it. In Science, we also learn about the seasons, weather, plants and animals, and forces.

In Social Studies, we learn about a wide range of topics including, but not limited to: how to treat others, maps and globes, bodies of water and landforms, past and present, wants versus needs, and holidays. Celebrating holidays is always fun and we often invite parents to join in the festivities!

In Religion, we learn all about God, the Holy Trinity, and the Saints. Each week we focus on a saint and make a book of saints by the end of the year. We also get to experience Mass once a week with our prayer partners (older students that help us learn the ropes). We learn about sacraments, especially Baptism. Overall, religion is infused into all parts of our day, from prayer before meals to our class rules.

I incorporate different types of learning styles in all subjects to better support all my students. I find that presenting information in a variety of forms not only helps all students to thrive in my class, but also makes the school day more fun and interesting!